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allitom Day & Night CBD & CBN Gel Cap Bundle

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allitom Full-spectrum Hemp Oil Extract Soft Gel Caps contain 25mg of CBD per capsule with the added benefits of a cannabinoid and terpene rich profile.

  • Why use allitom CBD Full-Spectrum Gel Caps?
    • allitom CBD gel caps are easy to take and transport. Our full-spectrum capsules are convenient and can be taken daily as part of your vitamin and supplement routine. They contain the same benefits as a CBD-rich tincture, while providing a consistent dose of CBD each serving.  


allitom PM Gel Gel Caps contain 10mg CBN + 10mg CBD per capsule. CBN, also known as cannabinol, is a minor cannabinoid found in the hemp plant and is similar to CBD, but it just might work a little better than its famous CBD or THC counterparts.

Why use allitom PM Gel Caps?

If you have tried CBD but don’t feel it’s working as well as you anticipated, these CBN + CBD PM gel caps might help.

  • CBN + CBD formulated to work together for sleep support
  • Non-psychoactive and completely THC free
  • Easy and consistent dosing
  • Works great as a booster to your existing CBD regimen
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allitom 99+% Pure CBD Isolate Powder | 1g

Lot Number: ISO-010720

Lot Number: EGI30120A

Lot Number: 8285

Lot Number: 200016CC

Lot Number: 210087CC

Lot Number: EGI07320A

allitom Pure CBG Isolate Powder | 1g

Lot Number: CBG-072020

allitom CBD Full Spectrum Wax/Crumbs | 1g

Lot Number: WX-072020

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