CBD Benefits: 5 Must-Know Facts That Just Might Change Your Life!

CBD Benefits: 5 Must-Know Facts That Just Might Change Your Life! 

Written by Katherine Saab.

The benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) have taken center stage in the natural health and wellness world. From chronic pain and anxiety relief to beauty and relaxation, CBD infused products promise you a new level of well-being. Let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of CBD and why you just might need to get excited!


CBD has been shown to have powerful anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties.

The main action of CBD in the human body is the affinity it shows for the serotonin receptors in the brain. This action of CBD contributes to the anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties, in addition to other mood-calming powers.

CBD, interestingly, has two actions on the serotonin system of the brain. First of all it mimics the effect of serotonin, which calms and suppresses the ‘fear center’ of the brain,asit boosts the presence of serotonin. Secondly, through the action of CB1 receptors in heavy serotonin parts of the brain it, in fact, boosts the brain’s production of serotonin. This has a powerful balancing effect that can last for long periods of time, even if the CBD ingestion has been removed.

This action indicates the benefit of a long-term effect CBD has on managing anxietyand depression, over time.  This is, possibly, liberating news to those of you that are challenged with anxiety and depression. CBD oil is a safe non-toxic treatment that does not have the sometimes-dangerous side effects of prescription medication.


CBD is a powerful analgesic (pain reliever).

CBD has been shown to provide safe, fast, non-toxic pain relief. You can take CBD internally and apply it directly on painful areas of the body.  CBD oil, when taken sublingually (under the tongue) very quickly provides a feeling of relaxation and ease, therefore, setting the response of relief in motion. In addition, for those of you that have pain or chronic pain, a topical CBD pain cream or salve will give fast relief to the local area of pain.


CBD for sleep and insomnia: because it works!

A small amount of CBD oil, under your tongue, before you go to sleep might just be the best gift you ever give yourself!  Anxiety is the number one cause of sleep disorders. CBD provides the natural release from anxiety as well as the mood enhancement from the serotonin boost. This in turn promotes the natural healing properties that a relaxed, deep sleep provides.


CBD could be your body’s favorite workout buddy!

When it comes to working out, whether you are an athlete, a yogi or a dancer you often feel ‘the burn’. You love it and yet you want to relieve those burning muscles. CBD can provide fast relief by chewing a CBD gummy or relaxing in one of our luxury Bath Soaks. There is always the bonus that CBD is an anti-inflammatory and provides an overall sense of release, relief and healing.


CBD cosmetics and personal care top the charts in the beauty industry!

CBD infused beauty products are the rage in the natural beauty industry because they deliver a vast array of benefits! From the anti-aging properties of antioxidants that are higher than Vitamin C and E to the anti-acne properties CBD delivers to troubled skin the results are glowing in anecdotal evidence and in scientific studies.

Quality CBD infused skincare and personal care products are providing a natural and healing alternative to chemical cosmetics and beauty products that have adverse reactions on the skin. The beauty in CBD skincare is that it not only beautifies, it rejuvenates and reconditions your skin along with your general well being. Have you ever had a CBD luxury bath soak? Go ahead give it a try! Get ready for Bliss!

What have been your experiences with CBD? Have you tried it and if so, what have been your results? We would love to hear from you!

Please leave your questions or comments below!

Allison Waters

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