CBD Topicals: Beauty Has Never Felt So Good!

CBD Topicals: Beauty Has Never Felt So Good!

Written by Katherine Saab.

CBD topicals include: oils, creams, lotions, salves and personal care products that provide pain relief, relaxation, healing and beauty! The CBD infused natural beauty and personal care products industry has discovered the power of beauty with a bonus. Let’s take a quick look at why CBD topicals are leading the way in beauty and personal care products.

The bonus that CBD provides, both internally and externally, are the anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain relieving), anti-bacterial and anti-anxiety properties it delivers to the human body. In addition to that, CBD infused skin care products provide antioxidants more powerful than Vitamin C and E.  Antioxidants are the key factor in neutralizing free radicals thus providing potent anti-aging properties when applied to the skin.

This means, CBD can address several conditions at the same time, often with the use of only one or two topical products. Let’s say, for example, you are experiencing dry irritated skin, aching muscles and a bit of anxiety, so you run a hot bath and add a CBD Bath Soak. The combination of the CBD with the other healing ingredients in the product will soothe (anti-inflammatory) your skin, reduce muscle and joint pain (analgesic) as well as provide a sense of ease and relaxation (anti-anxiety). 

Here is a quick look at the science of how CBD activates when topically applied.

CBD that is either applied to the skin or absorbed through soaking, does not reach the blood stream, however, it can be absorbed through the skin’s surface to the deeper layers of the skin. The human body has it’s own Endocannabinoid System (ECS), that is present in the brain and throughout the body, in organs and on the largest organ of the body, the skin. CBD binds with the CB-2 receptors and TRPV-1 receptors on the cells in the skin. This receptor activity provides the benefits of relief from pain, heat, itching, as well as soothing, nourishing and rejuvenating the skin.

Knowing what we now know about the science of CBD and how it activates, it becomes clear that daily use of CBD personal care products provides multiple benefits. As a matter of fact, it has also become known, through anecdotal evidence and experience, that consistent use of CBD increases its effectiveness and benefits, over time.

The main activity of the ECS is to bring the physical and emotional body to homeostasis (balance). The body in physical and emotional balance (homeostasis) means the body is in a state of health and well-being!

CBD infused natural, organic, non-toxic, beauty and personal care products are quickly becoming the choice of millions of people worldwide. Chemical and synthetic ingredients have dominated the beauty and personal care products industry for many years. However, the mainstream beauty industry has begun introducing CBD and natural ingredients into their product lines to meet the consumer demand.

Beauty products are being reformulated and redefined because, now we know: with CBD beauty never felt so good! 

What CBD topicals have you tried or do you use daily? Please share your experience in the comment section below! We love to hear from you!

Allison Waters

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