How to Create a Customized Tincture

How to Create a Customized Tincture

You don’t have to be intimidated by the term “tincture.” It is merely a concentrated herbal extract that you can prepare with alcohol and take straight or dilute in water, tea, or other favorite items. In short, apart from using glycerin, vinegar, or water as the solvent, it’s a different way you can use to extract the active properties of an herb.

Tinctures are more concentrated, portable, and you can use them with ease than other herbal remedies or as opposed to herbal capsules or teas. A dropper or two of a tincture may be all you need, whereas to get the benefits of an herb, you might need to prepare 4 to 5 cups of tea. Also, the lifespan of tinctures can be up to 5 years or more, courtesy of the alcohol.

When to Use Tinctures

You can notice the effect of tinctures within about the hour, and your bloodstream can absorb the herbal extracts quickly due to the alcohol in them. You can ideally get relief from insomnia, anxiety, tummy troubles, and some other pains using tinctures since they are fast-acting. Whenever acute pains and illnesses crop up, it’s advisable to keep a few different tinctures on hand. And for hormonal acne, PMS, or other signs of hormonal imbalances, it’s helpful to have a toning tincture at the ready.

Some other things that you can use tinctures for include:

  • Allergies
  • Flu and cold relief
  • Indigestion
  • Stress
  • Sleeplessness

How to Make a Tincture

You need a glass jar, alcohol, and herbs when you want to make tinctures.


You can use any plant material with therapeutic benefit as well as dried or fresh bark, berries, and flowers to make tinctures. You can use fresh herbs for your tinctures if your medicinal herb garden is thriving. However, you can use whichever is more comfortable for you.

You can eyeball it even though to determine the strength of your tincture. You can always measure your herbs. But for you to know how much plant material to use in your tincture, you can go with this rule of thumb:

  • Dried and fresh berries and roots: fill the jar 1/3 to ½ full
  • Dried herbs: fill the jar ½ full
  • Fresh herbs: fill the jar 2/3 full


You can extract the medicinal properties from the herbs with the use of solvent like alcohol. Though people swear that rum works just as well, you can use vodka since it has a more neutral flavor than other alcohols. But you can use any alcohol you prefer. You will get help to draw out more of the plant juices when you choose a higher proof even though standard 80 proof vodka is suitable for most dried and fresh herbs.

Customizing Your Tinctures

There is a potent powder that is derived from organic industrial Hemp called Pure CBD isolate powder. The third-party has tested the powder, and it contains zero THC. You can use this powder anyway you like it because it is incredibly versatile. With its high antioxidant properties, you can create a customized tincture with it. Also, you can add this GMP Certified powder to your morning coffee or mix with your favorite carrier oil.

Apr 07, 2020

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