Try One Of These Premium CBD Blunts From Allitom

Try One Of These Premium CBD Blunts From Allitom

CBD oil and hemp products and their market have grown immensely over the last few years. But some people still have concerns about using these products medicinally.

Additionally, stigmas surrounding the smoking of CBD products, like CBD blunts, still exist, because of the way marijuana has been portrayed in the media and in society.

For those that still have concerns, some short reading and research can put those at ease. CBD is not marijuana. Smoking CBD is not the same as smoking weed, and they have completely different chemical setups. Additionally, CBD contains less than .3% THC, so it cannot get you high.

On top of that, CBD has some incredible health benefits that many may not know about. CBD can help with seizures, pain, inflammation, nausea, bowel illnesses, migraines, anxiety, and depression.

With this in mind, it is always important to take any possible side-effects into consideration when using CBD. Possible side effects are pretty minimal and include things like fatigue, dizziness, diarrhea, weight loss, and drowsiness. But, if you still have concerns, you may want to reach out to your doctor for an additional opinion.

If you’re interested in CBD blunts, or smoking CBD, keep reading to learn more about the allitom line of premium pre-rolls.

allitom Premium CBD Cocoa Blunt Pre Roll

One of the most popular CBD blunts from our premium line of CBD pre-rolls, the Premium Cocoa CBD blunt packs a real punch, with some great flavor. With notes of cocoa in every inhale, you’ll really enjoy the potency and smoothness of this pre-roll. Featuring 1 gram of our premium CBD flower, there’s so much to enjoy.

allitom Premium CBD Pre Roll

Our Premium CBD Blunt is a CBD blunt that is very similar to our cocoa blunt, just with a more natural hemp flavor. As a single-gram CBD blunt, you’ll enjoy the natural and smooth flavors of our premium flower, pre-rolled for a more convenient experience.

allitom Premium CBG Pre Roll

Our Premium CBG 1 Gram Pre Roll is a bit different from our normal CBD collection. You still get the same premium allitom experience, but this blunt contains CBG, or Cannabigerol. CBG is very similar to CBD, but in essence, it’s just a different type of cannabinoid with different benefits. If you’re wanting to try something different, give it a go!

allitom Reserve 24K Gold CBD Pre Roll

The allitom Reserve 24k Gold CBD Blunt is a special experience, saved for only those special occasions in life. Our premium CBD flower comes wrapped in a 24k gold cone made from the most premium edible gold. With a smooth burn, and shine to last for days, you’ll definitely want to try this one-of-a-kind experience.

Shop Our CBD Blunts Now

Now that you know a little more about our collection, shop for one of our Premium CBD Blunts today. You can also check out any of our other CBD products on our website. With all of our various high-quality products, we know that with allitom, you’ll for sure find something that you will enjoy.

Dec 02, 2021 Allitom

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