​The 2023 Farm Bill Update: Our thoughts on what to expect

​The 2023 Farm Bill Update: Our thoughts on what to expect

The 2023 Farm Bill Update: A Bright Future for the CBD and Hemp Industries

The year 2018 marked a historic turning point for the hemp industry with the passage of the Farm Bill. The legalization of CBD opened up new horizons for consumers and entrepreneurs alike, leading to a rapid expansion of the industry. However, as the Farm Bill expires every five years, the 2023 update brings forth questions and anticipations about the hemp industry's future and what it means for both consumers and retailers.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the most significant takeaways from the updated Farm Bill and its potential ramifications, providing you with insights on how it might impact your relationship with CBD.

Clearer Regulations

The updated Farm Bill seeks to establish clearer distinctions between industrial hemp and cannabinoid-rich hemp. This clarifies the legal framework governing the production and distribution of CBD. The introduction of precise regulatory guidelines will enable CBD producers to navigate the legal landscape more efficiently, minimizing the risk of unintentional noncompliance. In this regard, clarity prevails.

Potential for Market Expansion

A key point of focus in the 2023 Farm Bill is the "derivatives loophole," which pertains to the chemical conversion of CBD into other substances, like Delta 8 THC. While quality and purity standards are crucial, not all products on the market adhere to the same level of stringency. The Farm Bill's refined definitions are expected to facilitate the entrance of compliant CBD products into the mainstream market. With well-defined rules in place, consumer trust is likely to deepen, potentially expanding the customer base for CBD products.

Increased Oversight

Quality and safety are paramount, and this is where increased oversight plays a significant role. allitom, for instance, has always adhered to third-party testing standards, but these standards are not universal across the industry. The Farm Bill introduces a renewed focus on visual inspections and a framework for penalizing those who deviate from the rules. This emphasis on oversight aims to ensure the quality and consistency of CBD products, making adherence to set guidelines even more vital for CBD producers.

Opportunity for Product Diversification

The distinction between industrial hemp and cannabinoid-rich hemp is not only significant in terms of regulation but also in opening doors for product diversification. As these distinctions become better defined, CBD producers may discover new avenues for expanding into other hemp-derived products, offering consumers an array of choices.

Challenges for Non-Compliant Producers

Companies that have thrived on the "derivatives loophole" or exploited the regulatory gray areas might face challenges in the updated regulatory environment. Stricter compliance measures may lead to legal issues and even the removal of non-compliant producers from the market. While this may present challenges, it also serves to elevate the CBD market's overall quality and integrity.

Consumer Safety

Consumer safety is a top priority, and industry experts, such as the Cannabis Regulators Association, have urged lawmakers to introduce stricter quality and safety guidelines for hemp-derived cannabinoids. Such measures could significantly boost consumer confidence in the industry and enhance CBD's reputation as a safer and more regulated product.

Broader Economic Impact

The 2023 Farm Bill aims to support agricultural producers and invest in rural communities, hinting at broader economic opportunities for the hemp and CBD industry. Producers may benefit from incentives, grants, and programs designed to bolster the hemp industry, potentially leading to increased economic growth.

As we await the passage of the 2023 Farm Bill, there is much to anticipate. The updated bill is designed to bring structure and governance to the CBD industry, offering a more regulated environment. However, it also presents opportunities for growth, expansion, and enhanced consumer trust in the CBD market. The future looks promising for the CBD and hemp industries, and this update may mark a pivotal moment in their evolution.

Oct 18, 2023 allitom

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